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Saving lives at sea 

Our  mission is to save lives at sea - by the beach, jetty, pool deck, sauna, pool, ocean or sea. No matter if it is to your home, or to a café, a restaurant or hotel close to sea. Onsalabojen is a sea safety company who designs, sells and markets lifebuoys and accessories. We deliver lifebuoys in a premium design with personification in high quality. 

Our inspiration comes for our heritage at the West Coast of Sweden, Stockholm Archipelago and the sunny Mediterranean life. Our designed safety product makes you feel safe in case of an accident. At the same time it will feel personal and unique. We want everyone to have a lifebuoy in their behold. Just as you own a fire extinguisher, wear a ski helmet and life west. 


The idea behind Onsalabojen came year 2012 when the founder Jonas was searching for a lifebuoy to his house close by the sea in Onsala, south west of Gothenburg, Sweden. He wanted a nice and functional lifebuoy, and preferably with some patina. At that time there was only one actor in the market, and a lifebuoy in only one color. The idea, to create a lifebuoy that enchances one’s personal style, without decreasing the security, was born. Jonas, his brother Per and there parents Margareta and Håkan got together, with their joint passion for the archipelago and boating, and their long work experience from sales and marketing, and started off the journey. The brand Onsalabojen was launched. The own design is manufactured in Sweden in corporation with Fristad Plast AB, who has long experience from lifebuoys since year 1976. 


You will become a part of our ”Saving lives at sea community”

Warmest thanks to cousin and photographer Carl Nilsson for many fantastic images.