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Lifebuoy Skagerak

  • 249.50 EUR

With our lifebouy Skagerak you will create security at your jetty, pool, sauna or in your garden. At the same time you can personify it by choosing colour and y

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Our lifebuoy is a lovely detail, and hopefully it will never be used. We have 2 sizes, this one is Skagarak, the smaller one, suitable for private areas.

  • Buoyancy for 2 people
  • The line is of 8 mm synthetic hemp, with breaking strength at 500 kilos.
  • Outer diameter: 63 cm
  • Inner diameter 38 cm
  • Weight 2,1 kilos

The lifebouy is delivered with two text lines in capital letters of 13 letters per line (you could get more, but the the text become smaller or at two rows). The text is placed according to the images. Typeface is Stencil.

Accessories Skagerak: throwing line Pater Noster 38, hook Fladen, dubbel hanger Vinga, hanger Fjord 38. Giftbox Nidingen. 

  • Free freight within Sweden.
  • Delivery time is 2-3 weeks.

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